Sketched Storyboard

This shows the progress of my ideas and a stronger structure.
1. Close up abstract shot of spinning Gramophone
2. Introduction of animated timeline pushing gramophone of the screen
3. Introducing images to dates
4. Images become animated and timeline disappears during footage
5. Long/Mid shot of Sinatra staring into mirror in dressing room, trembling hand/tapping foot highlighting nerves. 
6. Mid shot of Sinatra holding trade mark trilby hat to chest as he has walked off stage
7. Close Up shot of snatching of Whiskey bottle showing his urgency
8.  Long Shot - Slamming glass down on dressing room table, stares at himself in mirror
9. Falls back in to chair, camera zooms onto the back of chair and focuses on writing 'The Voice' introducing the film title. 

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Mr B said...

more detail is needed to annotate the individual stills in the storyboard, like camera movement and sounds