Animated Sketched Storyboard

Here i have imported my sketches into i-movie and added on the 'Lions Gate'
institution to the beginning. This animated storyboard gives a clearer idea
of the timeline which i want to use that is similar to the style of the
one from 'The Kingdom' which you can see in my first animated
storyboard. The last clip that focuses on the back of the
directors chair will introduce the title of the film as
there is going to be 'The Voice' written across
the back. This is relevant as 'The Voice'
was one of Sinatra's many

1. An close up of a gramophone playing a record showing a micro close up of the lines on the record, whilst spinning with some of the opening titles running around the record. Radio voice-over using no diegetic sound in the background - tuning in and out of different stations.

2. Timeline appears with images zooming in and out from the era shown on timeline.

3. Line carries on showing more content and ideal images on Sinatra...

4. Line carries on with more and more images fading in and out of one another and becoming animated.

5. Animation turning into first shot of Sinatra sitting at dressing room table, close up of tapping foot and hand - showing nerves.

6. Bright lights blocking out were audience would be as you see silhouette of Sinatra walking of stage with cheering in the background and the body shot of Sinatra holiding hat to his chest.

7. Quick flash of Sintra snatching Whiskey bottle of stool, with brightly lighted stage in the background.

8. Then as the opening is at it’s climax showing Sinatra slam bottle down on dressing table as he stares at himself in the mirror - with ongoing repeat of cheering and knocking on door showing everyone trying to get to him and him loosing himself in emotions and thoughts.

9. As Sinatra slouches back in directors chair camera does close up of stage name written on the back, ‘The Voice’ showing title of film.

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