I wrote and email to the Administration Department of the Jersey Opera House to enquire about the possibilities of using the theatre and dressing rooms for my film opening. 

'To whom it may concern,

My name is Delia Baker and i am a year 12 student studying Media Studies at JCG. I am currently doing
my first module of the year where i have to create the opening to a film of my choice. I have decided to create the opening
to a biography of Frank Sinatra's life, merely because i find his music and life story fascinating and i feel it would be something
different and original. 
Due to the prime time of Sinatra's era being around the 1950's i feel the set-up and style of the Opera House would fit for my
location. I am writing to you to ask if there was any possibility i would be able to use the Opera House stage and dressing rooms to do
 some filming around the end of January, beginning of February? It would take around 45 minutes maximum, i am flexible with dates
 and times and would be extremely grateful for this opportunity. 

Many Thanks,
Delia Baker'

'Dear Delia
Many thanks for your email and request.  We would be happy to oblige on either Tuesday 27th January or Tuesday 9th February.  Please let me know as soon as possible which date suits you best and what time you will be at the Opera House.
Kind regards

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