Katie, Amy and I had the task to capture the 180 degree angle in a simple video including a location , 2 characters with a variation of camera angles. We were to include shot/reverse - (extra camera shot), match on action, 180 degree rule-(characters not swapping sides.)

We tried to keep the dialogue and actions simple and mainly focused on getting the correct camera angles, the camera work was slightly unsteady due to not using a tripod so next time we will make sure we use one. The background noise is too loud and at one point i had to decrease the volume to nothing as Katie spoke too slowly and fast when Amy was still sitting down which would not have fitted with the next camera angle and dialogue.
I had to re-take a few times due to laughing and different actions so i had to edit it which makes the film not run as smoothly as i hoped. If i was to do it again i would plan the dialogue, use the tripod and think more about the surrounding noise.

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