September 5th

Today we watched some past film openings of students from overseas, they were all at a E-C grade and thrillers. None of the films stood out to me but they have shown me the things that i do not want to do and the areas to try and avoid when/ if i decide to make my own film opening.

We also watched a section from the film Seven; although at the moment my thoughts are to do a possible romance film it gave me lots of ideas of positions and how set is extremely important. The use of -
- Simple acting with no talking
- Lighting (a spotlight in darkness and rays of red light made the scene tense)
- Photos hanging up and old books etc

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Mr B said...

hi D ok so add to this post 7-8 other film introductions with screen grabs and analysis. You need to show the moderator a process of development from the first introduction you looked at too the music biopic.